Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

If you’d like to know more about Cycle Hire Slough, we’re here to help. For answers to your questions, and more information on everything from up-to-the-minute bike availability to registering for a member card, visit

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, speak to us at our Contact Centre on 01753 475111.

You can also use our website to see which docking stations have bikes or spaces available.

What area does the Hire Scheme cover?

Phase one of Cycle Hire Slough will include an initial 40 docking points at Slough Station, 40 Docking points at Slough Trading Estate and 25 docking points at Burnham Train Station. 

For more details, including a map with up-to-the-minute information:


What’s the process for hiring a cycle?

Step 1− Hire

Note: Cycle Hire Slough is only currently available for pre-registered users.

  • To register, please log onto and you will be issued with a membership card in the post within 5 working days. 
  • Your membership card will be backed up with a 4 digit personalised pin number for added security.  
  • You can hire only one bike at the same time with you membership card

Step 2 − Ride

  • Go to the nearest docking station with you RFID membership card.
  • Take a moment to read our tips for safer cycling at the terminal.
  • Choose your bike and check the tyres, brakes and bell
  • Press the green ‘Ok’ button to wake up the control screen.
  • Follow the on screen instruction to release the bike. 
  • Listen for the ‘bip’ once your pin has been accepted which will indicate that the bike has been released
  • Adjust the saddle height and you’re good to go!
    Tip: The bikes have lights that come on automatically when you start pedalling.

Step 3 - Remote locking

  • Your bike is fitted with two separate locking mechanisms to allow the bike to be locked away from the docking point.
  • Press ‘ok’ to wake up the keypad
  • Follow the on screen instructions and present your Membership card.
  • Remove the lanyard from the handlebar, secure it to a fixed piece of street furniture and lock into the fork.
  • The fork lock and lanyard lock will close automatically, securing the bike.  

Step 3− Return

  • Push the bike firmly any empty docking point
  • You must wait for the ‘bip’ and on screen message, which will show that the bike is securely docked (otherwise we will continue to charge you for your journey)
  • If the docking station is full simply lock your bike to the nearest secure point within 50m of the docking station and an engineer will re dock the bike for you.

Note: If the docks are NOT full and you do not dock the bike, you may continue to be charged for your journey.

Tip: The display will communicate the trip time and duration when docked.


How much does Cycle Hire Slough Cost?

If you keep a bike for over 24 hours you will be charged a late return fee of £150
If you damage or don’t return a bike you will charged up to £600
The usage fee will be calculated on a daily basis and will be debited from your account at the end of each month.

Rental Method
Access Time
Access Fee
Usage Fee
Maximum Rental Duration
Penalty For Late Return
Pay As You Cycle
1 Year
£10 per membership card
£1 for the first 30mins then £0.50 for every hour thereafter
24 Hours
£150 if rental exceeds 24 Hours
Power To The Pedal
1 Year
£10 per membership card & £8 per month or £60 a year for 4 hours free per day
After intital 4 free hours, £1 for the first 30mins then £0.50 for every hour thereafter
24 Hours
£150 if rental exceeds 24 Hours


How can I find out how much I have been charged and when the money will be debited from my card?

If you are registered with us, you are able to manage your account online so you can check details of your recent journeys (the date, time, duration and whether any usage charges were incurred), the outstanding balance on your account and when it will debited from your bank account.
Registered users can check their accounts online.

  • Yearly registered users are billed and charged monthly on a date of your choice (the first bill is sent on a date chosen by the system at the time you buy your first bike access period
  • The initial bike access period charge is taken the same day it is purchased
    The exception to the above is where extra ride charges reach £50, when the amount is taken from the user’s account straight away.


Why have I been charged £150?

The £150 charge is applied to any journey which exceeds the maximum hire period of 24 hours. If you keep your bike for longer than 24 hours you will be charged £150.


What do I do if the bike is faulty?

If the bike is unsafe to ride, or has a fault please return it to the nearest docking point within 5 minutes of releasing it and you will not be charged.
The Bike will be reported as faulty on the system and barred for use until it has been inspected by a mechanic.



Can I reserve a cycle before using the scheme?

No. The scheme is not designed to reserve cycles. The aim of the scheme is to allow someone to pick up a cycle from a docking point at a docking station, use it as desired and then return it for the next person to use. It is intended that the cycles are used for short journeys only and so each one can be used by numerous people each day.



Why do you have to be 16 or over to use the scheme?

The scheme’s third party insurance only covers users who are 16 or over. If a bike is damaged or stolen while being used by a person under 16, our insurance is invalid.



Do you provide tips for safer cycling?

Click here to see our riding tips section.


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