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Slough Cycle Hire

A simple, easy way to get the most out of Slough.
Cycle Hire Slough bikes are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
Accessible via docking stations strategically located for Slough commuters and residents.

How it works?


Create an account

Choose your plan from the "choose a plan" section


Check out a bike

Press ENTER and choose :
1. Tap membership card, enter PIN
2. Enter Account #, enter PIN


Click into dock

1 beep = good
3 beeps = retry

Stop &

If you need to make a stop, use the cable lock in the handlebars to lock the bike on your trip. Remember, the timer keeps running!

How it works ?

How it works ?

Choose a plan

Find Bikes and Stations

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Ride Safe

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Wear a helmet

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Ride responsibly

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Icon Watch car doors

Watch car doors

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Stay off The Pavment

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Obey The highway code

Icon Signal turns

Signal turns

Icon careful at intersections

Careful at intersections

Icon Yield to pedestrians

Yield to pedestrians

The Official Cycle Hire Slough App

Coming Soon for iPhone and Android